Movie Download Sites: Free vs. Paid Memberships

Do you download your movies for viewing on your computer or tv? Who doesn’t? With this in mind, how do you know which movie download site to choose for your membership? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of movie download sites to choose from? Here’s what you need to know about picking between free and paid memberships to movie download sites.

Free Movie Downloads
Who wouldn’t love a free movie download, when they could get one? No one. There are a number of catches to the free movie download, though-that you may be aware of. There are many free file sharing and movie download sites that advertise free movies. The problem? There are many.
Illegal: The first issue is that free movie downloading is illegal. It’s called “piracy”, and is punishable by steep fines and/or jail time. Is that movie really worth it?
Quality Suffers: Second, most often when you download free movies, you get poor quality movies. Anyone can upload the movie content, and often no site administrator checks these movies before sharing them with you. Thus, you get wrong titles, poor quality versions, and interrupted files.
Partial Movies: Another commonality of free movie download sites is that the movies offered are often offered in parts, so you have to keep downloading your movie piece by piece.

Paid Movie Downloads
No one wants to have to pay for a movie if they don’t want to, but obviously-you get what you pay for. This said, what do you need to know about paid movie download sites to get all that you pay for?

Choose Wisely: First, there are many sites out there that offer movie downloads for paid memberships. Just because you pay, doesn’t mean you get all that you deserve.
Get Quality, Full Movies: Make sure that the movies you get are in full version and quality.
Get Unlimited Viewing: Third, make sure that the viewing rights you get with your membership offer unrestricted viewing on all movie titles to watch at any time. Moreover, make sure that you own the movie once you download it.
Pay Low Rates: Lastly, make sure you pay only what you have to. Some movie sites have you pay $5-$20 for each movie that you download. Get a movie membership that offers a onetime fee that is less than a couple trips to the movies.
Sound unrealistic? It is if you choose any movie download site other than offers instant, unlimited, lifetime access to quality, full version movies in 3 month, 1 year, and 5 year memberships for a fraction of the price other download sites require. No P2P or file sharing is involved ever, they are a 100% legal movie provider. Get today!
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Got a slow PC ? PC Startup Manager | Optimize Startup | Restoring speed| restoring memory

PC Optimizer Pro comes along with 7 more must have utilities inbuilt

Registry Optimizer
Registry Optimizer scans your Windows registry to find and fix any incorrect or obsolete information so your system runs fast and error free.

Tracks Eraser
Tracks Eraser protects your privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of your internet and computer activities, giving you peace of mind.

File Shredder
File Shredder permanently erases files from your disk without the possibility of them ever being recovered.

Software Uninstaller uninstalls programs for real. It replaces the faulty Window utility which clogs up your system with unwanted and leftover files.

System Information

System Info provides vital information about the configuration and performance of your system.

Windows Tools
Windows Tools is an umbrella utility that gives a user multiple ways to manage different sorts of Windows related functions of their PC.

Backup Restore
With Backup Restore, you can reverse the action of registry cleaning performed by you the last time.

Windows 7/XP/Vista/ 98/Me/2000/2003/2008
for (32 & 64 Bit)
Startup Manager | Optimize Startup | Startup Booster Utility
Allows you to control what programs run at system startup when you power up or log on to your PC.

Get this and get your PC back to top notch running condition. Get free Download

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Mobile TV Elite Software With No More Monthly Payments

There is a new way that you can actually watch Mobile TV on the go or even on demand. This is software that has turned many heads and has saved many people thousands of dollars in monthly cable payments. This software is known as Mobile TV Elite software. What this does is it allows you to watch satellite TV from your phone for only one lifetime fee. With new types of television cable coming out almost every year, you may have a few questions if this can really be a good deal or not.

Well first off; having Mobile TV Elite on your phone can save you a ton of money in the long run. If you got this software you can totally kiss your cable bill goodbye and never have to worry about it coming back again. When you get Mobile TV Elite software you only have to pay once and once only for the rest of your life. You may be thinking well it sounds good so far, but I don't like the fact that it is on my phone.

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To be honest, maybe you don't have a fast phone or your graphics arent to great on it. You can actually buy a cord that can have the ability to hook your phone up to your TV so that you can view whatever you are playing on your computer onto your TV. So, just open up your Mobile TV Elite software and bam, you have Mobile TV Elite transferred onto your real television.

Mobile TV Elite software also comes with a minimum of 1000 channels. Of course there will be a low price but you wont be disappointed in the channels you receive. Especially if you enjoy television a lot.

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You will be able to watch any show that you like on this software. There are channels like CNN, ESPN, CW, FOX and pretty much everything that is basic plus thousands more. Its exactly like satellite TV that you pay for monthly, but on your computer instead.

If you don't like commercials either, you can kiss them away for good. No more ever having to miss a show of yours again also because you can search for it in the database and pull it up so you can watch it whenever you want to. So, there is a little background information on the Mobile TV Elite software for a phone. Hopefully you will now have a better understanding on what exactly this software has to offer and you can make your decision a little bit better now.

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Animation Career Paths – The Storyboard Artist

The storyboard is the visual shot-by-shot translation of a script and is the basis for the entire production process that follows, including design, background and layout, animation, and postproduction. Despite changing technology, storyboards are still mostly drawn by hand.

Storyboards represent the finished product long before great time and expense goes into a project. The storyboard artist, working in the style of the porudction, maintains storytelling continuity, breaks down the script into scenes or shots, establishes the size relationships between characters and props, and indicates the acting by hitting strong poses on each story point. In addition, the storyboard artist is often the first to rough out new background locations, characters, and props. A storyboard artist balances strong drawing skills with a good knowledge of anatomy, acting, directing, staging, and the ability to think creatively and quickly. With such commanding skills, story-board artists often develop into animation directors.

Veteran storyboard artist and co-creator of Frederator/Nickelodeon’s Call Me Bessie!, Diane Kredensor, describes the daily duties of a storyboard artist, “First, you go through the script and thumbnail out your shots. Then you pitch your thumbnails to the storyboard supervisor or animation director for notes and changes. From there, you flesh it out, adding the acting, into a full rough storyboard. Some productions already have the voices recorded and the board artist will board to track. Otherwise, you create (draw) the acting and the voice actor match your board. Once your rough board is approved by the director, you make it pretty, putting everything on model, and then you’re done.

What kind of training and skills does a storyboard artist need to develop to start out and to keep advancing in her career? According to Diane Kredensor, you want to be a good draftsman, able to draw the human figure in a variety of poses. “ Other skills should include strong storytelling, cinematography, staging and composition. Storyboards should clearly communicate ideas to the entire production team, so strong communication skills are an important asset”.

All the experts agree that the most intensive learning takes place on the job. The more experience you have out there working with other people’s good boards, the better your own boards become.

Make Videos like the Pros. by Aw_Shao_2
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